Collection: Alchemy | The Magic of Transformation

Crafting COBALT Alchemy is a journey that begins with the whispers of discarded garments longing to tell new tales. Through the process of selecting, dyeing, and transforming—each step is imbued with intention and a deep respect for the materials that pass through my hands. I cherish the magic that arises when I merge the principles of upcycling with my own artistic vision, creating pieces that are not only unique but also carry the story of their metamorphosis.

Alchemy | The Magic of Transformation

Getting Sizing Right

Note: COBALT sizing is gender neutral, so your size may be different from what you usually purchase. Please refer to the sizing chart below and the measurements on each garment to get your sizing right. If a garment stretches, or is capable of fitting multiple sizes, each size is listed on the garment.

Gender Inclusive

All COBALT garments are gender inclusive, and any piece can be worn by shes, hes, or theys. Just check measurements for correct sizing, and enjoy expressing yourself! #genderinclusive #fashionfreedom