Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

I am you, you are me, and we care about our world

Launching a line of clothing is impossible to do without having some impact on the environment. The more research I've done on this over the years, the more aware of this stark truth I've become. The vast majority of clothing sold has been mass produced using fabrics, materials and processes that are destructive to the environment on many levels, regardless of how sustainable these brands would like to be or present themselves to be. Even organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp have strong impacts through their use of water and the method of processing the fibers into fabric.

Every cobalt creation has been rebirthed through upcycling already existing garments utilizing sustainable, eco-conscious materials and processes, transforming them into magical concoctions; walking spells of beauty and connection with our Earth Mother and the Cosmos.

All dyed clothing are hand dyed by me, Blue Cobaltwith biodegradable, nontoxic or natural (organic or wildcrafted when possible) plant materials, such as flower petals, leaves, spices, herbs, and berries. All altered and manipulated clothing are machine and hand sewn by me, using skills my mother and grandmother taught me as a child. All vintage clothing is in best condition possible, with any minimal repairs noted.

Through reusing, rebirthing, and re-appreciating garments that have already been created, we can drastically reduce our impact on the environment, while still looking fabulous!

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