Offering a line of clothing to the world that is fully in alignment with my goals, vision, and ethics has been a lifelong dream. I've been designing, sewing, and using clothing as a powerful form of self expression since I was a small child. My mother taught me how to machine sew sitting in her lap when I was 3 or 4, and my grandmother taught me how to hand sew soon after that.

Clothing is tactile, it’s tangible, it’s emotional, it’s visceral.

There is something about the adornment of the human body that is utter magic, a visual art form of unparalleled beauty. It is an art form that comes alive through the movement and expression of the wearer, while it simultaneously affects the self identity and personal experience of the wearer as it is worn.

It communicates much about a person’s path through and approach to life, and their relationship with themselves and the universe. It’s creative self expression that tells a story, and declares a personal or transpersonal message, whether or not it’s done so intentionally and consciously by the wearer.

When created or worn consciously or in a particularly aesthetically pleasing manner, clothing/adornment/fashion unlocks a flow of energy within my being that I experience as great joy, the unfettered creative flow of the Source, and its joyful fascination with the beauty of it’s creation.

After many, many years of planning, dreaming, and experimenting, I'm thrilled to be offering you the dreamiest, most unique, beautiful, artistic, handmade and hand dyed, one of a kind clothing I can possibly create, with as small an impact on the environment as absolutely possible.

Thanks for sharing in this experience with me.

I hope you enjoy the magic as much as I do!

much love,