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Watercolor Fantasy | Skirt | 30-48” waist

COBALT Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL

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Strikingly beautiful watercolor splashes of purples and blues, with a splash of green.


Romantic, flowy medium length flared skirt with elastic waist


100% cotton

Originally Marked

No tags




Width at waist - 30-48", 76-122 cm
Waist to hem - 28.5”, 72 cm

Getting Sizing Right

My sizing is gender neutral, so it may be different from what you usually purchase. Please refer to this chart and the measurements on each garment to get your sizing right.

Each garment is labeled with it's COBALT size. If a garment stretches, or is capable of being multiple sizes, each size is listed.


All COBALT garments are non-binary, and any piece can be worn by shes, hes, or theys. Just check measurements for correct sizing, and enjoy expressing yourself!