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Nevermore | Jeans | 44” waist


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Introducing Nevermore, the jeans that are as unique as you are. These jeans are laser engraved with the image of Edgar Allen Poe and ravens, making them truly one-of-a-kind. But they aren't just about looks - these jeans are also super comfortable. Made from 100% cotton, they're light and breathable, perfect for warm weather days. And they have all the classic jean features you love - double button top, zipper fly, front and back pockets, and even cargo style side pockets. Best of all, they come in a 44" waist, making them perfect for all body types.


Blue jeans with double button top, zipper fly, zipper front pockets, button back pockets, button cargo style side pockets, and ties on the leg hem.


100% cotton

Originally Marked

White Stag - Women's Plus 26W




Waist - 44”, 112 cm
Waist to hem - 32”, 81 cm
Inseam - 19”, 48 cm

Getting Sizing Right

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