What is Eco Printing?

Eco Printed Clothing Bundles After Steaming

Eco printing is a beautiful hand-dyed technique using a wide variety of organic and natural materials such as flower petals, whole flower blossoms, herb and plant leaves, branches, dried root and spice powders, whole spices, algae, and rusty metal objects to imprint color and designs onto cotton, silk, or wool fabric.

I love this art form. It speaks to me on so many levels. I love working with the natural materials. I love co-creating art and weaving magic with Mother Nature. I'm never in control of the experience. It's beautiful, chaotic, and always surprising. Each garment is a poem, a movement of color and flow, a unique magical spell.

eco printing - rose petal imprint

Materials I use to create these garments include

Rose petals, blossoms, buds, and leaves

Daisy blossoms, stems, and leaves

Sunflower petals, centers, and blossoms

Peony petals and blossoms

Baby's breath

Eucalyptus leaves

Ivy leaves


Blackberry leaves

Basil leaves

Red cabbage

Kale leaves

Spirulina powder

Pine tree branches

Rusty wire, old cans, and other found metal objects

eco printing - rose and peony blossoms