Garment Care

Every COBALT piece is accompanied by tailored care instructions, ensuring you understand how to best care for your new garment.

COBALT Alchemy

For our COBALT Alchemy line, the majority of creations are designed with your convenience in mind, suitable for either hand washing or gentle machine cycles. You can see on our product pages which items can be washed, and which need to be dry cleaned. We of course suggest looking for an environmentally conscious dry cleaner near you. 

To honor the artistry and intention woven into your COBALT Alchemy pieces that can be washed, I recommend a simple care routine to extend the life and preserve the magic of your garments:

Cold Wash: Always wash your COBALT clothing in cold water, a gentle gesture that safeguards the fabric's integrity and the brilliance of its colors.

Gentle Drying: Opt for a low to medium heat setting when drying. This approach respects the fabric's natural state, maintaining the garment's shape and vibrancy for years to come.

Embracing these care practices ensures that your COBALT clothing remains a vibrant expression of your unique journey.

Hand-Dyed Garments - Procion Dyes

These garments are hand-dyed using nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable, eco-conscious Procion fiber reactive dyes that are permanent, and will not bleed or fade with proper care, even after repeated washings. Feel free to wash them in your washing machine.

They undergo a meticulous dyeing process where the dye molecules are not just applied but are deeply bonded with the fabric fibers. This careful method ensures that your unique COBALT piece retains its enchanting hues with minimal color bleed. They will look bright and crisp for many years to come.

Hand-Dyed Garments - Eco-Printed

These garments are a testament to the intimate dance between nature and fabric, dyed using an array of natural elements such as leaves, flowers, berries, and spices. Each piece is extraordinarily special, carrying with it the whispers of the earth from which its colors were born. It's important to note that these dyes, while stunning, are more ephemeral in nature. Over time, the hues will shift, fade, and transform—a reflection of the organic beauty and transient magic inherent to the natural world. 

This evolving palette is not a flaw but a feature, a unique aspect of their charm that celebrates the living art of eco-printing. Embracing this change is to embrace the garment's individual journey, making each piece a deeply personal and ever-unfolding story of color and creativity.

I highly recommend you hand wash them using PH neutral, gentle soap, as shifting the PH can affect the dye colors.

COBALT Atelier

Our COBALT Atelier collection, embodying the epitome of bespoke luxury, typically requires occasional dry cleaning to maintain its exquisite craftsmanship and integrity. We of course suggest looking for an environmentally conscious dry cleaner near you.